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Image and Video Pattern Recognition Lab.

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

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Scene Understanding
Scene Understanding consists of detection, tracking and recognition of the general objects in various environment.

By understanding the spatiotemporal and semantic relationship in between the objects, object and scene can be modeled and reconstructed in 3D.

Based on the understanding of the scene and the object, our researches can be applied to real-time applications such as Autonomous Driving and Surveillance systems.
Human Analysis
Human Analysis is to detect, track and recognize the features by analyzing the action and behavior of the people including face, hands and the entire body.

Based on these recognition and detection, the extracted features can be utilized for landmark and pose estimation and gesture recognition,Furthermore, human behavior can be restored from analyzing the emotions.

Our researches of the Human Analysis can be applied to various applications such as Human-Computer and Human-Mobile Device Interaction.
Image/Video Processing
Image/Video Processing analyzes the low-level features of the multimedia.

It plays an important role for Scene Understanding and Human Analysis, by taking pre-processing and post processing.

From analyzing the correlation of the images, having various modality, it enhances and restores the images.

Our researches of the Image/Video Processing are applied to Image Enhancement and Video Coding/Streaming.

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